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It's a beautiful day, you're out for a stroll in a quaint market town and notice a small but intriguing shop window glittering like a gem in the sun.  You take a look inside to find wonderful crystal gifts.  You look at the sign above the door and read.............. "Wishsticks Shop"

Thank you for finding us.  At this time we live in a virtual world but one day, you may be walking through our shop door and you will always be welcome.  


STOCK CLEARANCE!  For the time being we are clearing our stock at Wishsticks to concentrate on the Reiki courses and treatments.  It's a great time to buy beautiful gifts at very silly prices.  Some items have already sold out and been removed from the site. We are trying to keep the site as updated as possible. Some items are so low on stock that we will ask you to call to check availability first. Enjoy!